What To Bring For A Perfect Ski Trip


The flights are booked, and the excitement has begun. The dream holiday in the snow is finally here, and it’s time to pack your bags…but for what? A perfect ski trip is different than any other kind of holiday — great heights, quite high to shallow temperatures, lots of activity, but also some peace. There is a lot to think about. In this article, we have compiled a complete list of the essential ski equipment you need to bring for a perfect ski trip.


perfect ski trip

Diapers are the way to enjoy your ski trip to the fullest. Yes, it may be cold, but every building you enter will be well heated. If you have enough layers, you can regulate your body temperature properly.

Start with thermal underwear for the whole body and thick socks. Then you should climb into a layer of fleece in the middle and finish with a good ski jacket and trousers. A ski cap and a neck warmer or scarf should not be overlooked.

Essential equipment

For beginners, it is highly recommended to rent the bulky equipment. Most resorts offer this service. So you can decide without any capital expenditure whether you prefer skis or snowboard. Ski boots, snowboard boots, skis, snowboards, helmets, and ski poles can be rented.

The things we recommend are more personal:

Ski goggles

The glow of the snow is something real, and deep-set eyes will ruin the vibration of your whole trip. Make sure you have a polarized, UV-protected pair.

Face Mask

It is a good investment for skiing in extreme cold. Wearing wind goggles keeps burns away from the wind and even prevents your lips from splitting.


Frozen fingers are not our idea of fun. A good pair of waterproof gloves that can be put around the wrists will allow you to have more fun on the slopes. Some gloves also will enable you to work with a touch screen without taking them off.

Insulated bottle or water bottle

There is no doubt that skiing is hard work, so rehydration is essential. Use a water bottle that you can hang on your backpack or a hot water bottle to keep warm.


Although any backpack works, we recommend a waterproof, lightweight and not a too big bag.

Snow boots

Unlike ski boots, which are attached to skis. It means you can walk indoors or outdoors, on different terrain and in the snow, while keeping your toes dry and warm.

Lip balm and sunscreen

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the sun will go down. Burns in the snow can be one of the worst experiences. The sun reflects off the snow, so the UV rays come from all directions.


It may sound crazy, but many resorts and hotels have hot tubs or heated pools to keep guests fresh.

Power Bank

Keep them loaded and take them with you wherever you go. Snowfalls are a reality and help with preparation.

This trip requires very bulky and heavy packing, so be careful and limit yourself to the essentials. Check your luggage before you leave and try to stay within the limit with light luggage. You can also pay for your luggage in advance to benefit from lower fares.

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