The Difference Between Reading And Listening To A Book


There was a time when you went to the library or bookstore, took any book that interested you, and then disappeared into the fantasy world of your own choice. When people don’t read something on their shelves, you listen to someone else reading to them. While many people still like to sit down with a good paperback book, the way we get these stories is gradually changing. But is listening to an audiobook different from reading a physical book?



Reading books is not something you can do with multitasking. Of course, the TV can be turned on in the background while you do this, but reading requires the most attention. If you want the words to stay in your head, you have to be careful. This is no longer the case with audiobooks.

Just as you can leave the music on while doing the dishes or exercising in the gym, listening to an audiobook gives you the freedom to do something else while you continue reading the story. No, you may not be recording as much information as you would understand, but you’ll save a lot of time. Instead of telling yourself that you will wait with your homework until the best part of the book is finished, you can now do both at the same time.

How much time do you have available?

We all read at different speeds. Some of us can reach the end of a page in 30 seconds, while others need a few minutes to finish all the words. Reading time is not enough, but the longer it is, the more you have to invest in a book. While it only takes a few hours to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, others need something closer to a week.

With audiobooks, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to turn the page, because you are not the one reading it. You can see how long it will take before you listen so that you can plan accordingly. Sometimes it takes a week to read the book, but that’s because you spend many hours a day looking at it.

Personal differences

The main difference between reading and listening to a book depends on each person and how they would like to receive the information. How involved are you when someone tells you a story? Do you hold on to every word they say or do you listen to them without really looking? If you can’t convey to your friend what he or she just said, you are probably one of the last. In this case, an audiobook will not be of much use to you. If you cannot listen to a loved one, how can you accept a story read by a stranger?

In the end, the differences are not as significant as you might think. Don’t listen to anyone who says that audiobooks are a joke – it’s not true. Just do what is best for you.

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