How To Give Your Older Dog Enough Exercise


You often have the feeling of blinking, and suddenly your stuffed animal is an older dog ready to enjoy its golden years. How did they grow up so quickly? Most of us want to take care of our puppies for the rest of their lives, so here’s a guide on how to make sure your older dog gets enough exercise.

Take Care Of Yourself.

With increasing age, our dog may have to skip the mountain paths and opt for a flatter and gentler terrain. However, exercise is often essential to keep your dog’s joints in motion and to prevent them from stiffening during the day.

Short And Gentle

It turns out that short, sweet walks are much better for your older dog than trying too much at once. Several quick steps during the day should allow your dog to stay active and think without tiring him.

Note The Conditions

Is there a heatwave in town? Maybe there was a blizzard recently? Many of us think about the weather before we take our dog for a walk, but it can be even more critical when we think about our older dog. Older puppies can have a harder time getting used to the weather and may need a coat or cooler times of day to compensate.

Staying True To Routineā€¦

If your dog starts to lose his sight or hearing, it’s best to stick to a routine, you know. The point is to help them feel as calm as possible. Our pets can get a little anxious when we try to get them to go a new way when they feel more vulnerable with less common sense.

Follow Them

One of the most important things to remember when walking an older dog is to follow him instead of being chased by him. You will probably start excited, but you may get tired quickly and need to slow down a bit for the last part of your walk.

Moving Things Around The House

If the weather outside does not invite you to go for a walk, why not think about moving around inside? Exercise is not only physical work. It can also mean playing mental puzzles with your dog, like teaching him a simple trick or playing with toys that require some work to get the reward.

Consider Some Alternatives

Walking is not the only form of exercise you can do with your dog. If your dog likes to swim, why not try hydrotherapy? This can be great because water helps to relieve the strain on the joints and keep them fit and active.

There are many ways to help our older dogs get enough exercise in recent years. Just because they are in top shape doesn’t mean they should miss out on all the fun. They might have even more fun looking for alternatives.

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