How To Find The Motivation In life


There are some words that we need to be told to find the motivation in life, ready..? You’re going to run that race. You are going to that gym. This novel you’re writing is a piece of cake. That party you had in mind? Oh, yeah, it’s coming up.

It’s just… It’s too hot. You’re too tired, so you can’t walk today, but you will tomorrow. You want to go to the gym, but you need headphones, and you don’t want to deal with parking problems. You are writing, but you are blocked, so you think: “Maybe I’ll get an idea tomorrow”. Besides, why go to a party when you can stay home and look at pictures of cats on the internet?

Congratulations, you have just broken your deferment cycle. “I can’t find the motivation,” you say while clicking on your ’93 cat slide. How about you do yours?


Most successful people can’t find their motivation in external sources. It may work for a while, but eventually, the motivation comes from within. And the same motivation requires a lot of work and dedication.

There are several steps to self-motivation. One of the first steps is to build a routine for yourself. You know that you want to run, write or go to the gym at 7:15 every evening. But sometimes (often) you feel too tired.

Physical Routine


So you have to tie your laces and put on your running clothes. There you are, sitting at home in your running clothes, feeling ridiculous. You can also open your writing program on your laptop and get a glass of water, which means that you are starting to write. But you need some physical routine that triggers the mental process of doing what you need to do.

The more your body is physically involved, the more you will unconsciously be willing to do what you have to do. And this will increase your chances of fulfilling your obligations to yourself. Remember that the only person you will betray on a day of betrayal is yourself.

Negative Mentality

How do professionals find the motivation to be the best, especially when they have to work so hard? Well, they have to live a kind of life that you don’t know anything about. And they do. This hack is… and work hard. If you want to be the best and highest in what you do, you have to be prepared no matter how motivated you are.

You have to do these routines and prepare your mind to do whatever you need to do, no matter how high or low you are. This is the only way you can succeed and do what is necessary.

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