Great Gadgets To Help You Calm Down.


When we think about how to calm down and relax, we usually think of meditation and yoga. Technology is often not what comes to mind. We have been taught all our lives that turning off our electronic devices is the best way to clear and relax our minds. However, several companies have developed mood-enhancing tools that are even more effective than traditional methods. Here are 5 great gadgets to help you relax, even in the most stressful moments.


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This device is intended for people who already practice meditation. It is designed to help you get the most out of each of your meditations to calm down. It is a headband with brain sensors. It works like a Fitbit, but for the brain. The Muse uses EGG sensors to track what is going on in your head and sends it to your smartphone. So you can appear more relaxed. Its application, available on Android and iPhone, will allow you to meditate and train live on your health.


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The Muse controls what your brain does, which is excellent. But Thync helps to control what happens in your mind. It puts this device on your forehead and tells the nerves in your head and neck to activate the adrenaline system. It can activate your body’s sense of calm when you need to relax. It is entirely natural and can also give you an extra boost when you need it. It may seem a little strange to strengthen the nerves a little bit, but a lot of research has been done to develop this fantastic device, and the more you use it to calm down, the more effective it is.

Gear VR + Mind Fitness

If you want to escape the world around you, virtual reality can be a handy tool. It was created to make you feel that you are somewhere else. There are many applications of virtual reality that are designed for meditation. Mind Fitness, one of the new apps, guides you through various guided meditations using the Bosurgi method to help you calm down.

Spire One

The first step in coping with anxiety and stress is to understand where these feelings come from. Breathe is a small device developed by the Calm Technology Lab that tracks your breathing rhythm throughout the day and tells you when you begin to feel stress. If you feel pressure, the application also offers guided meditations before you start to lose control. The device also serves as a fitness pedometer.

Buddhify 2

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Buddhify 2 is a telephone application with 80 different guided meditations and can be used anywhere and anytime. It was designed by modern consciousness experts and can be modified for the specific experience you are looking for to calm down. For example, there is one option that helps you sleep and another that enables you to deal with stress. It also includes tips for improving your meditation experience and has a built-in meditation timer so that you are never too calm and don’t miss the meeting.

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